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Below are the types of project engagements I have accomplished and delivered.


Business planning for intrapreneur division and product line

  • market analysis
  • review of internal resources, available assets, vision
  • strategic recommendations for go to market, business model, anticipated response to competition, roadmaping, resourcing
  • financial modeling


Preparation and leading of fund raising activities (sell side)

  • preparation of Investors Presentation 
  • review of existing materials
  • shaping of due diligence materials
    • capitalization table
    • financing history
    • financial modeling and forecasting
    • sensitivity analysis
  • recommendations to Company management and Board re. financing structure
  • development of target lists
  • reach out to targets, and opening of initial discussions
  • support to fund raising process
  • negotiation of private equity funding agreements and instruments
  • review of corporate charters, by-laws, and Preferred Stock documents


Preparation of due diligence (sell side)

  • review of existing documents
  • development of more impact-full documents
  • preparation of structured online due diligence data-room
  • coaching of executive team


Acquisition due diligence (buy side)

  • review of target company documents
  • identification of areas of deeper investigation
  • development of due diligence agenda and process
  • on-site visit
  • discussion with the target company management team
  • in-depth technology review
  • discovery of alignment and mis-alignments with stated financial and business plan
  • development of findings report
  • recommendation to acquiring company


Product marketing and roadmap development

  • market analysis and segmentation
  • development of product strategy
  • development of product roadmap
  • development of business model and pricing structure; key selling points
  • development of key product marketing collaterals, presentations, and data-sheets
  • development of training materials for sales team


Packaging of Intellectual Property assets (sell side)

  • review of existing company documents
  • identification of areas of deeper investigation and work
  • development of due diligence contents and process
  • recommendation on sale process
  • development of target list
  • reach-out to targets
  • support to the sale and transaction discussions


Contractual agreements negotiations and closing

  • support to company for drafting, development and negotiation of:
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Software license agreements
    • Master services and development agreements
    • Content licensing agreements
    • Distribution agreement
  • deep knowledge of Intellectual Property related issues and related business risk management
  • insurance coverage 
  • offer letters
  • employment related matters


Market analysis and training about digital landscape

  • development of market landscape and ecosystem charts
  • development of targeted training materials
  • conducting trainings 


Development of the membership of a standards organization

  • reach out to television programmers, broadcasters, and MVPDs
  • discussions about the standardization ecosystem in content identification